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I was there on business in 2010 and I said "man, this is a country on the move! We need to set up an office here." English is taught from early grades, there is good infrastructure in the western part of the country, a young, educated population with a relatively small domestic economy - great place to outsource and a bridge between europe and asia. Things have fallen apart so quickly since then - wouldn't touch it now. Hope things get back on track, as there is so much potential.

It still is, so long as this is a momentary blip. Corruption happens everywhere. By and large, commerce hasn't been affected.

What I wouldn't do is touch anything with media around there.

Note: I lived there for 8 months in 2012, and am partnered to a Turk.

it was an illusion. yes i am from istanbul.

I am from Istanbul too and I agree on this. Only 3-4 of the larger cities look like they're more modern.

Istanbul is modern? Sorry but Istanbul is a shithole when compared to some of the other Turkish western coast cities. What makes it interesting in the global scale is the level of its diversity.

An ex Istanbul resident.

I did say it was "more modern". I lived there for 22 years as a minority and have been treated like an animal in the zoo, and don't think I'll ever live in Turkey again.

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