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Something has to be done before this sets an example for other governments. Freedom cannot be taken away from anyone.

Considering the fact that I'm seeing #TwitterisblockedinTurkey as a worldwide trend despite of the ban I would say they are far from being able to take away the freedom at all. They will also probably realize that not far from now.

The rest of the world tweeting about it doesn't mean that much to Turkish people as they won't be seeing the trend lists, and their government doesn't seem to care that the rest of the world is paying attention.

Actually, censorship is nothing new for Turkey so some serious portion of the population knows how to overcome it. Probably these tweets are sent mostly by Turks in Turkey :)

However, this is not the whole story. The current ruling party has huge support from the uneducated and/or religious masses that may not be that informed about the technology. Since 3 months new corruption documents are leaked through twitter, which puts pressure on the PM. Just yesterday there was a phone conversation of one of the Ministers leaked and apparently the guy was mocking Islam when he was trying to look like as devoted muslim in front of the public.

Apparently 8 or 9 of the trending topics are about the ban in Turkey too: http://imgur.com/9Etk4fd

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