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Zed Shaw's code is insignificant in the face of the contribution of many, many far more talented open source developers who are far less accomplished at leveraging controversy to drive traffic and attention.

The mileage that Zed Shaw has received on a simple well-designed Python SMTP library is absolutely astounding and totally disproportionate to the complexity, novelty, and general market need for the library. His only other notable contribution is a simple, feature-constrained single-purpose micro web server that uses a scaling-limited thread-per-request architecture.

Yeah, it's not like he wrote something that lots of people used like... mongrel, for example.

[Edit: This comment doesn't really make much sense now, since the parent updated his comment to note that Zed ALSO wrote mongrel. I'd delete this comment except for reply attached to it.]

Do you know -- off the top of your head -- who the primary contributors are to Apache? They wrote the HTTP server that runs the web.

[Edit] Why is the reply nonsense? The point is fairly clear -- there are far more established, widely used, complex and important projects that do not have such vitriolic personalities attached. Zed Shaw's known for his blog posts, not because of any proportionally notable contribution to the open source community.

(The original unmodified comment referred to this reply as "nonsense").

I pretty much agree with you. My comment was on the "online personality" part.

If one person wrote Apache, you'd probably know his or her name.

Apache (originally NCSA HTTPd) was originally written by Robert McCool. He also drafted the initial CGI specification.



Can't argue with that!

ZS built a lot of his reputation before he switched to python -- see his rants on Ruby on Rails etc.

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