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If you include Sir Isaac Newton in a case against employing geniuses, your case is pretty thin.

Why? From all I have read about Newton, he would have been the employee from hell. A genius as a mathematician and physicist, yes; but a terrible employee.

He became Warden of the Royal Mint and became rather passionate about his new role - even to the extent of working as an undercover agent and personally leading the prosecution of "coiners" in court.

[NB For a fictionalized, but hugely entertaining, account of the relevant time in history I can recommend Neal Stephenson's wonderful "Baroque Cycle" - Newton is a major character.]

For a non-fiction account, "Newton and the Counterfeiter", by Tom Levenson.

C'mon, who wouldn't want an employee who boils a watch and looks at the egg while contemplating the basic nature and equations that make up the physical sciences? ;)

He provides Newton as an example of the kind of non genius he would employ. Learn to read.

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