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Lenovo ThinkPad - one of the full sized models with a good keyboard and matte screen. Max out the RAM, install a large SSD, and replace Windows with Linux (in my case, Linux Mint). I'm currently running an L520 as my personal machine and an L530 at work.

Oh - and buy a cheap netbook for when you're traveling somewhere you might have your main machine lost, stolen, or destroyed.

And encrypt the disk on all your laptops.

Rather than mess with disk encryption, just host your own server or get a VPS and connect to it from your laptop/netbook.

This makes your laptop disposable and you can get the cheapest hardware and be fine...You'll never lose work due to your laptop failing on you and you don't have to worry about people accessing your data.

Assuming that everywhere you work, you have a fast reliable Internet connection. That's certainly not true for me, or most people who live in Melbourne (no Wi-Fi on trains here, for starters).

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