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Is my math correct? If we simplify and say we make 1 move per second, the game only drops 1 tokens, and we always make a perfect move...this will take 4.5 hours (16384/60/60) to complete?

In reality my moves take more than a second, and I know I don't make perfect moves. So, over 4.5 hours.

1) if you win the game, the game end time doesn't really depend on how 'good' your moves are - it comes a bit after you've gathered 16348+ total value on the board.

2) The fact that the game doesn't drop only 1-tokens means that the time is shorter - again, since the 'total' accumulates faster.

That being said, the game is much, much longer than the previous ones - 2048->16384 alone increases the time by 8, and starting with ones instead of twos doubles it again.

Wish I had read this before starting. Played for a good hour and got 2048-1024 in bottom row before reading this comment.

Author should add this 4.5 hour estimate as a nice big warning message.

The extra 2 degrees of freedom make this amenable to keyboard mashing, so I'm estimating 10-20 moves per second...

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