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Programmers of the world: please stop with the 2048 clones. We have jobs to do. Partners to attend to. Friends to acknowledge. Pets to feed. Plants to water. Have some mercy already!

I see these as a perfect code/creativity challenge. Easy to create. Easy to digest. Keep them coming.

Parent wasn't against the creators creativity, parent is against the stream of games feeding our addiction and taking over our lives.

Plus, its not really that much fun.

It's a good thing that what is 'fun' is purely objective! Otherwise you wouldn't be able to make such claims and still be taken seriously.

Yeah but it's so much easier than making flappy birds clones!

You haven't seen flappy 2048 yet, huh?

Fucking hell, why did you give them the idea‽

Because it already exists! :) http://hczhcz.github.io/Flappy-2048/

Also the end product is much more interesting.

+1. I can't take it anymore! (http://imgur.com/FQEHB7b)

Is 2048 a clone of Threes, or vice versa?

2048 (web) is based on 1024 (iOS), which is an (unashamed?) "free" clone of Threes! (iOS)


Threes! has such great personality. It's so much more than 2048, and it's well worth the buck or so it costs. I hope it's had an uptick since the 2048 craze.

Threes! came first.

The chain roughly goes: Threes! was released in February. A near-clone called 1024! came out on iOS at the start of March. 2048 acknowledges the debt to 1024!, and the first commits to the git repository were in the first week of March.

Once the source code was available, tiny variations became much easier to fork, and we got a cambrian explosion mostly descending from 2048. (There was another 2048 as a parallel development, with significantly different visual style. Not sure where it falls in the timeline.)

or in the want of more interesting news...

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