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Ford tried to uproot the dealers years ago and it didnt work. I did a case study in school on this topic, I cant seem to find my source again...

Unions need to go...they hurt innovation and sometimes completely destroy it.

How on earth is this a union issue? It's capital vs capital.

Really you think the dealer unions didnt lobby to get tesla banned from selling in that state?



"The state Motor Vehicle Commission last week unanimously passed a rule requiring franchised dealers to sell electric cars rather than allowing manufacturers to sell directly to customers as Tesla does at two showroom locations in New Jersey — at the Garden State Plaza and The Mall at Short Hills."

>requiring franchised dealers

And who is going to be franchising? The Unions will be. Maybe not in NJ but I gurantee other state's dealer unions are feeling the pressure that may come from tesla.

That's like calling the Chamber of Commerce a union.

Who do think is putting pressure on these organizations?

I'm going to need you to explain exactly why you think an association of otherwise independent and competing dealerships is a "union".

They may be called associations in some states. I don't think you can open a certain brand dealership in a state with going through them.

Ford was trying to let customers order cars online and they would deliver it within a couple weeks or less to a Ford hub. Some states pushed them out before they could try it.

Because my anti-socialist upbringing taught me unions are bad. Therefor things I think are bad must be unions.

What do unions have to do with Tesla and this issue in New Jersey?

Maybe not in NJ but I guarantee dealer unions are lobbying as we speak to get Tesla banned from various states.

Dealership unions? What!? A union of dealership salesmen? Owners? Explain.

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