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It looks promising, I highly dislike writing PHP and this seems like it might ease the pain, but they could've gotten rid of the damn dollar sign in front of variables, how ugly is this? "return ($y) ==> { return $y + 1; }"

Engineer working on Hack here.

You can actually write you example a bit more concisely in Hack: "$y ==> $y + 1".

Return statements are optional? So it's just the last statement in a function that'll get returned?

The "return" keyword is not needed if the right hand side of the lambda arrow ("==>") is an expression that is not wrapped in curly braces.

If the right hand side _is_ wrapped in curly braces then it is treated as a list of statements, in which case you do need to use the "return" keyword.

Edit: My previous comment was referring to the second occurrence of "return" in your example (after the "==>" arrow). Just noticed I mistakenly dropped the first occurrence of "return"; the first occurrence of "return" in your example is needed.

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