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As the author of Underhanded JavaScript, I must definitely recommend Eloquent JavaScript and JavaScript Design Patterns. The latter is quite important because the design patterns that Addy talks about actually does patch up a lot of rough spots of JS.

And of course, JavaScript the Good Parts is a must. Trust me, go back and re-read JS:TGP, see how much you missed. I re-read it from time to time and always find new stuff.

Axel's Speaking JavaScript is pretty good too, and I read his blog, so quality is quite high.

But hey, gotta plug my book, so buy Underhanded JavaScript! Why buy it? Because I list some of the most common pitfalls people fall into when writing JavaScript code, as well as the nastier parts of JavaScript, for when you're in a bad mood and feel like thrashing the production server. I'll even show you how you can enable simple DoS via RegExp.

EDIT: here's the link with HN coupon. Price was randomly generated between $12.25 and $19.77


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