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Nice idea, but I suspect it's impossible to complete on a 4x5 grid.

An interesting addition might be the ability to wipe a line out if it's all of the same number.

edit: gah. this is really annoying me now because the controls to slide squares left or right only works about 50% of the time so I end up with lots of the same numbered squares adjacent to each other and no way of merging them. Which makes chaining a few squares together virtually impossible because at least 1 of every 3 left-right slides will fail:


Hey, from the author. I dont think it is impossible (it is hard though). Wiping a line is not necessary you can slide left or rigt to collapse them.

But, i am also increasing the tendency of the block to freeze stronger as it moves down (i.e. with its every movement), so that sliding left or right doesnt become that easy.

There were few bugs with that, which i fixed. Does it still sound unreasonable.

I don't think it's impossible, you just need to combine as much as you can in your limited time in a move.

That's what I was trying to do. Hence the screen grab :)

It seems like you can only move the active square. Example, combine 2 + 2 --> 4 can move this 4 to combine with an adjacent 4. But if another tile comes into play, those two adjacent 4's are toast until you make it an 8.

That's probably not understandable....

I got to 1024. I am positive this game is possible to win. Please disregard the terrible finish... http://imgur.com/HczKj8h

Not impossible! I finally did it!


Or maybe multiply that by 4 and up our chances of reaching 2048!

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