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Show HN: 2048 Tetris (prat0318.github.io)
160 points by prat0318 on March 20, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 60 comments

Nice idea, but I suspect it's impossible to complete on a 4x5 grid.

An interesting addition might be the ability to wipe a line out if it's all of the same number.

edit: gah. this is really annoying me now because the controls to slide squares left or right only works about 50% of the time so I end up with lots of the same numbered squares adjacent to each other and no way of merging them. Which makes chaining a few squares together virtually impossible because at least 1 of every 3 left-right slides will fail:


Hey, from the author. I dont think it is impossible (it is hard though). Wiping a line is not necessary you can slide left or rigt to collapse them.

But, i am also increasing the tendency of the block to freeze stronger as it moves down (i.e. with its every movement), so that sliding left or right doesnt become that easy.

There were few bugs with that, which i fixed. Does it still sound unreasonable.

I don't think it's impossible, you just need to combine as much as you can in your limited time in a move.

That's what I was trying to do. Hence the screen grab :)

It seems like you can only move the active square. Example, combine 2 + 2 --> 4 can move this 4 to combine with an adjacent 4. But if another tile comes into play, those two adjacent 4's are toast until you make it an 8.

That's probably not understandable....

I got to 1024. I am positive this game is possible to win. Please disregard the terrible finish... http://imgur.com/HczKj8h

Not impossible! I finally did it!


Or maybe multiply that by 4 and up our chances of reaching 2048!

At this rate somebody needs to create a 2048 homepage with links to the various versions.

I was thinking about it too, and so far I can't find it too. So I guess I would have to do this job tonight myself. Hang on! ;)

I have a feeling your wish will come true!


When ever I want to grab one of my super awesome platform specific tools I tame my enthusiasm and say to myself: Yes, JavaScript and HTML suck, but we all suffer for a greater good - we can build platform independent solutions and not discriminate anybody for their processor architecture, operating system or browser. And then somebody slaps it directly into my face: IMPORTANT: This game only works on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Economist Article from 2016: Some economists think that the startup bubble burst in 2014 due to the sudden appearance of games based on the number 2048, which caused nerds everywhere to drop their startups and merge powers of 2.

Possibly inspired by the current xkcd comic (note the alt text)


Edit: Whoops, it was put on github beginning 10 days ago. Just a coincidence, then, I guess.

I think you are mixing up cause and effect. XKCD is based on this game.

Based on this particular version of the game?

He misspoke. The xkcd comic is based on the original 2048, not this Tetris version.

Hmm, combining blocks by sliding in below the top a stack can leave the top of the stack floating in space when the new combined block merges with the block below it, and this feels weird. Then if you combine something with that floating block it will fall, closing up the gap and then potentially combine with the block it landed on.

A similar weirdness is that it doesn't feel like it should be possible to ever have two of the same number stacked vertically. Feels like the rule should be essentially that "down" is pressed at the end of every turn until it stops compacting.

Yeah, i noticed that as well while testing. Fixed it now.

Yeah, but you could have slided the 32 formed left or right to make it 64 and continue.

YCombinator asks for solutions to the world's water, food and energy problems. Instead they get 37 incarnations of 2048.

And poetry, prose, movies about aliens and smart-ass comments.


Even people without regular meals sometimes tell jokes or play snakes and football.

Yeah, but you don't have to do it here.

I agree, it's ironic.

A first approximation for a strategy would be to follow a boustrophedon, and keep 2, 4 and 8 near the top, e.g. something like this:

    .   .   .   .
    .   4   2   .
    8  16  32   .
  512 256 128  64

This is what I tried to do, but you need to get the timing perfect after doubling up the right hand 64 to link that left 3 times. So perfect, in fact, that you'll only manage it roughly every other time:


Pretty cool, I assume it is possible to win because a good strategy in the original was to only use 3 directions anyway. I might try it soon, but unlike 2048 you can't wait to think once things get tight.

The timing seems horribly inconsistent - most good combos depend on "sweeping" your collapses, but it seems to "drop" the block without my request sometimes during merges.

It always tries to collapse downwards whenever a merge is possible. I thought this way to avoid any floating blocks. Any better ideas?

Possible bug report: http://i.imgur.com/XwEiPVI.png

The bug is the two "4"s sitting on top of each other in the left column.

I did that by first sitting a 4 on top of a 2:

  64 16
Then dropping a 2 down on the column to the right:

  64 16
Then finally sliding that 2 left one before it had a chance to settle:

  2  2<-
  64 16

Thanks for the report. Fixed the bug now.

Has it been updated on the site? I keep having the same issue, although I'm not sure it's a bug since gravity doesn't matter anyway...

Awesome game, by the way!

Yeah, i had pushed the changes. It will be awesome if you can give a screenshot.

Working now, but thanks for drawing me back in for another fifteen minutes... :)

Neat take on the game but if you get a low numbered piece stuck on the bottom row and then covered with higher number pieces it's impossible to use it.

Yes, the left right merge is still possible, just that the action is to be taken quickly, as the falling block freezes very soon.

You still can merge by left-right.

I finally managed to complete it! I was very proud too - I managed to complete it with no residual blocks. Here is a bit of proof:


Update: Thanks for the response guys, I am seriously overwhelmed. I have added easy/hard levels to the game. [Hard level needs some really quick finger movements].

Please implement a pause! Love it though. This really fundamentally twists both 2048 (threes) and Tetris.

Added now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Why alter the spacebar to be start over? It's the common key in tetris to drop the block!

I kept the controls similar to 2048.Was not aware of space thingy in tetris while writing the code.

Can't wait to see someone mix in a bit of bird-flapping action.

This is by far the best. version. yet.

First, we kill the 2048 clones.

That was fun.

this game is addicting. :)

I loved this the most!

They slide.


On going down, i am accelerating the freezing of the block. Hence, it is harder to slide as block reaches down.

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