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Rent a car (you'll need one) and head down to walk around Stanford's beautiful campus, then have a coffee in Palo Alto before heading over to see Google's campus and shoot some pics. Then off to nearby Cupertino to buy some goodies at the company store in Building One. Not much else to see in the Valley I'm afraid.

When I was travelling through SF to Burning Man I visited Apple and Intel.

Intel had a not-hugely-amazing but still kinda-interesting museum. I particularly enjoyed it because I'm a bit of a 4004 nerd and I liked seeing the big silicon ingots.

I assume for Apple it is just the company store at their HQ they let people into? Or can you tour the rest of it?

You can walk around but the company store is pretty much it. Unique way to buy Apple t-shirts and stuff ;) IF you're into museums there's also the Computer History Museum next to Google in Mountain View. I haven't actually been there though.

"IF you're into museums there's also the Computer History Museum"

Even if you are not into museums it is my most recommended place to go in Silicon Valley. I have been here 3 years and never wanted to go walk around Google or Apple campus. But I guess it is something FREE to do.

That does sound like a decent day out though doesn't it? Thanks.

Oh you'll have a wonderful day for sure and get back tired and happy to SF. Do it!

Any recommended coffee shops?

Definitely hit Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto where a ton of startups have been 'made'. Ramon makes some dope cappucinos too there.

Red Rock if you're in Mountain View.

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