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2048 in bash (github.com)
53 points by sWski on Mar 20, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

Are we TRYING to bring the world economy to a screeching halt? this is almost as bad as tetris!

Author here, I did not notice any numbers disappearing on several games, maybe it is because of different versions of bash, you can try running it as:

./bash2048.sh | tee qqq.log

then remove color codes from log by running:

sed -r -i "s/\x1B\[([0-9]{1,2}(;[0-9]{1,2})?)?[m|K]//g" qqq.log

you can then see each round in the log and it should be easy to find the spot where numbers disappeared, if you could post that log somewhere it may help me find the problem.

Strange, now I tried with following versions of bash and it seems to work fine for me with all of them - no errors and no disappearing numbers:

4.3.0 3.2.25 3.00.15

You can keep pressing left all the time and you will you see some numbers appearing and disappearing. Sometimes moving to the line on top.

Pressing down results in errors on line 111. let and board giving "bad array expected", "expression expected".

Edit: I am on Mac OS.

I had the same problems and I'm on OS X as well. https://github.com/mydzor/bash2048/issues/1

Serious question - is there a way to filter out all of these annoying 2048 games that pop up every day, in my HN settings?

With StyleBot (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylebot/oiaejidbm...) you can add this custom CSS to the page:

td.title:last-child:before { content: '2048'; }

On a side note: Are there any websites that hold contests or aggregate user-submitted style changes for websites?

You could use an extension like this to always load that CSS / javascript for any web page, and people can use it to show off their web design skills while users would get a better UI for popular pages.

Stylish is probably the oldest extension that allow you to inject custom css into the pages. They have an active community over http://userstyles.org/

For javascript, there is http://userscripts.org/

Something like http://stylebot.me/ ?

I'm looking forward to 2048.asm.

235 lines, impressive.

bash? Why not sed? :)

Sorry you got downvoted, I have one in awk. I wrote it to try various strategies. If I get some time I'll clean it up and post.

Been busy, here it is, surprising how annoying it was to make interactive:


Sometimes numbers disappear

Impressive, good job!

it seems buggy, let's fix together!

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