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jherdman 1723 days ago | link | parent

Quick question to my fellow Rubyists who happen to do Rails: would you really resent working with Zed? I've enjoyed Zed the few times I've met him in person and find the prospect of working with him to be a desirable thing.

EvilTrout 1723 days ago | link

I've said it before on HN, but I met Zed at RubyFringe and thought he was very polite and professional. I wouldn't resent working with him at all.


jherdman 1723 days ago | link

I had the same experience at RubyFringe with Zed. Stand up dude.


joevandyk 1723 days ago | link

I'd work with him. He's smart and not dogmatic. People act differently online than in person.


technoweenie 1723 days ago | link

No, I'd welcome it.


jonny_noog 1723 days ago | link

I've always been of the mind that whatever problems someone has with other persons is between that someone and the other persons. Just because I happen to use Ruby/Rails doesn't make any difference.

I've never met Zed but have been impressed with some of his talks that I have seen. I'd really value the chance to work with him.


steveklabnik 1723 days ago | link

I've never met Zed, but I feel like I'd enjoy working with him.


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