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Quick question to my fellow Rubyists who happen to do Rails: would you really resent working with Zed? I've enjoyed Zed the few times I've met him in person and find the prospect of working with him to be a desirable thing.

I've said it before on HN, but I met Zed at RubyFringe and thought he was very polite and professional. I wouldn't resent working with him at all.

I had the same experience at RubyFringe with Zed. Stand up dude.

I'd work with him. He's smart and not dogmatic. People act differently online than in person.

I've always been of the mind that whatever problems someone has with other persons is between that someone and the other persons. Just because I happen to use Ruby/Rails doesn't make any difference.

I've never met Zed but have been impressed with some of his talks that I have seen. I'd really value the chance to work with him.

No, I'd welcome it.

I've never met Zed, but I feel like I'd enjoy working with him.

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