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Did you feel this way when you and the person you broke up with first moved in together? If not, have you considered the possibility that you aren't actually as unhappy with your new city as you think you are, and your current perceptions are being influenced by the breakup?

It's almost always a bad idea to make big plans soon after a breakup, especially when young.

Nah, that was months ago. I only mentioned it because part of the driver for having to do something different is that I've got to make some kind of move, since paying the rent and other expenses on my salary alone, when we had budgeted for two, has bled me white.

I'm really just not a city person. I'm somewhat misanthropic, can't stand being without the mountains and real forests, and would rather hike ten miles to go fishing than go down-town 99 times out of 100.

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