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That's an excellent question and it's one that drives every meeting I have with potential new clients. I work from home 100% of the time because that allows me to take care of my dogs and give them the attention they deserve and need, and because it means that I can help my wife running the house and taking care of stuff. That said, I've turned down clients who thought that my work could only be performed "on sight."

My argument against that is that surgeries can be performed across the internet, so I'm pretty sure a marketing campaign can be designed and deployed remotely or that a business process can be speced and developed remotely. Sometimes a business will be a hard ass and we will part ways, but normally they will (at least hesitantly) agree to my position. The downside of that is that I'm always an independent contractor, and thus I have to handle my own taxes and insurance etc. So there are some drawbacks.

Still, the main thing is to do what makes you happy and to fight so that you can do it in a place that makes you happy also.

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