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No. That is not crazy. I work for a company that has several (50% or so) remote workers - we are a tech company.

I suggest looking for a new job. Companies that do not already have a remote working policy are not going to be a conducive environment for you to start your remote career at (if you are even able to convince them).

If you're interested in startups I suggest angel.co. For other opportunities you should checkout weworkremotely.com and authenticjobs.com. Other than that a quick google search for "companies that allow remote work" should suffice.

This is great advice. Companies have tried to sell me on working on-site, and I have likewise tried to sell on-site only companies on remote work - but they have their mindset. From my experience; they ever get it and understand the enhanced nature of remote work, or they have that old-school (I'm old but hey) mentality: "If you aren't here, you aren't working" and cannot be swayed.

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