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x% of others would agree. (100-x)% would probably be put off. Solve for x.

There's no way to solve for x with the information given!

Instead, take the ratio of your comment's parent divided by the (grandparent + parent), and you get x. I think.

The Marmite equation.

The Marmite equation?

When considering the Marmite yeast extract product, in the UK x is somewhat above 50. In the US, x is well below 50. Similar values of x probably apply to Vegemite between Australia and the US.

I still didn't get it, until I read this: This distinctive taste is reflected in the British company's marketing slogan: "Love it or hate it." (from Marmite wikipedia page)

Maybe someone with enough karma to produce a poll on HN can submit a "Would you hire Zed Shaw?" poll.

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