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I dunno, Zed, maybe you should just look for a job as a "lone ranger". Whenever I read one of your rants, I'd chuckle and say, "Gee, I'm glad he's not talking about me." I wonder how other programmers would feel working with you, never quite sure when they'd be fodder for one of your rants.

Personally, I would have no problems working with him. I expect people to call me out when I do stupid things, and I expect people to tell me what they think.

I don't think Zed is much more abrasive than Linus, for example.

Also, has he been abrasive to people who were being nice to him?

The entire Ruby community, at one point. Why do you think he switched to Python?

obviously because the entire Ruby community hated him.

I have no problem being told face-to-face when I'm doing stupid things, even in front of my peers if it happens that way, but someone blogging about the stupid things I do would definitely piss me off.

Have you ever read, in any of his rants, criticism of coworkers or subordinates?

Personally, as someone without a ton of experience, I'd love the opportunity to work with Zed. With some of the position responsibilities he's looking for, I think the chance to be mentored by him would definitely be a plus.

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