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Looking for a cofounder role? Join me; I've already got the ball rolling
8 points by PartnerUp on Mar 19, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
TL,DR: Longtime reader, throwaway account. Started e-commerce company solo a while ago and planning to join an accelerator soon. Looking to ante-up by adding 1-2 people (ops/marketing and possibly tech) on mutual trial basis to start. I'm generalist (design business & some tech).

More: I recently established an art-focused e-commerce startup, centered on redefining discoverability with a twist and direct sales of unique goods from indie designers. Planning to join an accelerator soon and would love to have a team in order to grow and capitalize on the program's resources and connections.

Rather than speed dating and swiftly declaring love until death do us part, I figured an extended dating trial of a few months might be more practical. Compensation could be structured as stipend paid during the accelerator period followed by negotiated equity (on vesting schedule) if both parties agree to continue working together. Possibility for full salary when the startup gets funding (or reaches applicable sales milestone first).

I'm open to partners from anywhere, as long as you can relocate to North America to participate in accelerator and possibly stay afterwards (open to half remote/virtual then, preferably within same timezone). Contact me if interested: artystartup [at] google's email service

You might want to give us some more details that could be helpful before contacting you

1) Where are you located in North America ?

2) Where is your E-Commerce business run from primarily ? Location ?

3) Can you share the website for the business ? Assuming it is already running.

I'd rather not list my location or identifying details here but would be quite happy to share those details in conversation if contacted.

Also, location is subject to change since the accelerator's in a different location from my city. The business involves some travel, I haven't been in same place in the past year.

Hi my name is karthik im a programmer i have 4+ years of experience in e commerce sites if you have any requirement let me know karthik.squareline@gmail.com

Just to clarify: by half remote, I'm referring to ability spend at least some of the time working out of same office based on mutual arrangement.

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