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Funny you mention that! Posted today: http://www.w3.org/TR/SRI/

The same thing that is used for integrity checks could be used as a DHT hash, potentially allowing people to download the file from their peers where connection has the lowest latency, or from their favorite CDN they find the most reliable.

The same hash could be used similarly to etags with additional interesting properties. You could, for example, use it to safely retrieve an item that was cached for another website. (E.g. latest JQuery.) Not only it would improve performance, it would make user tracking somewhat more challenging for CDNs, improving privacy.

The potential here is huge, so it's disappointing that these ideas are smudged over multiple unrelated specs, and sometimes missed entirely.

You're correct, and all of those use-cases are mentioned in the spec, so I'm optimistic. This is from some of the guys involved in CSP, and that spec has been deployed well. Let's just make sure we voice our support for it.

EDIT: sorry - they mention caching and using fallback sources, they don't mention any DHT.

It's great if they consider those use cases

I couldn't find anything that mentions using the hash itself to locate the requested document (in DHT network or in local cache) in that spec. Did I miss it?

Yeah, corrected myself just as you replied.

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