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Groovy wasn't production-ready in any way, shape, or form until 2005 when the parser was rewritten in Antlr 2, and even then it took years to clean up bugs particularly those related to the MOP which was added in 2006. The Java 5 features weren't even begun to be added to Groovy until early 2006, and they're still buggy. The only significant addition to Groovy since then has been a @CompileStatic tag in Groovy 2.0 in June 2012, which its main user Grails 2.2 didn't dare bundle until 6 months later, but didn't actually use the static compilation. Grails 2.4, still in development, is the first to actually use any of the static features of Groovy, but with a strong caution in the doco: "Care must be taken when deciding to statically compile [Grails] code." http://grails.org/doc/2.4.0.M1/guide/introduction.html#whats...

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