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> I mean, Clojure Scala and Groovy all run on the JVM, and we talk about them all the time!

5 years ago those 3 languages were the talk of the town for alternate JVM languages, but things change. Scala's pulled way ahead of the pack, Clojure's consistent, and Groovy's on a downward trajectory, following in Beanshell's and JPython's footsteps. Eclipse users are drifting into Xtend, and IntelliJ users may look at Kotlin more. JDK 8's Nashorn is likely to scoop up those who just want to write quick-n-dirty's manipping Java classes.

With groovy being pulled more into use with spring and great test frameworks like Spock, I see more groovy use paired with java not less.

Scala is the interesting one I'm interested to see if a simplified type system can be introduced ala http://www.infoq.com/presentations/data-types-issues

> groovy being pulled more into use with spring

Within the Spring Framework 4.0 Reference [1], the Spring Expression Language takes up all of chapter 7, whereas Groovy takes up little section 28.3.3 only, with only one use case presented. Your statement didn't have any specifics, only sales adjectives like "great test frameworks."

[1] http://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/4.0.0.RELEASE/spring-frame...

I've seen very little interest in Xtend in general.

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