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Though I'd probably still reserve that accolade for Erlang OTP/BEAM.

I would absolutely not. Erlang/OTP/BEAM might be the best distributed computing platform (though Akka is making huge inroads), but Erlang is actually a pretty terrible at single-box concurrency.

Erlang has one concurrency primitive - message passing. Which is great, but it's not always the right one.

Consider a a producer process which solves a PDE or does a big Bayesian computation (output is an Array[Float] or Array[Double]). You have consumer processes which read from the array and compute sums over subsets of the elements.

In Erlang you are just passing around copies of arrays. In the JVM, you'll probably have a single mutable array. You'll either wrap the appropriate calls in arr.synchronize {...}. Or you can use memory barriers and let the consumers freely read from the array, and invalidate their computation if the producer wrote to the array between the start and end of their read.

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