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Never had a problem with slf4j on top of log4j. By the way, I use DEBUG in development and INFO in production. The ratio of logging messages between the two levels is about 1 for 50. Definitely an useful feature on top of System.out.println. I also change log levels for certain packages because some libraries are too verbose.

Why are you so bitter ?

Agreed. I find it difficult to understand people griping so much about java logging. I know it's not perfect and I wish it were better, but it's really not that bad. Maybe if you come from Ruby or some other newer(ish) language, they only have one logging implementation (I don't really know the state of logging in other languages, so apologies) it's easy to point fingers. You learn your logging, use it, and be done with it.

I am currently in what you could consider log hell with a product based on OSGi. We have been using ops4j logging which has done a fantastic job of adapting the prevalent logging frameworks (log4j, slf4j, logback, and JUL) into the SLF4J API and we don't even have to think about it anymore.

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