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Did anyone ever figure out what happened to HN's nickb?
16 points by bhouston on Mar 19, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
There is this thread here that never got resolved:


I ask because I know him and also never figured out what happened.

I ask because I know him

Do you know him as in you have met him in person, and know the real-world name he has besides his screenname? I hardly know anyone on Hacker News on that basis.

Not fully on this subject, but found in a thread linked from another tread I just looked up about nickb, it's interesting to look at Paul Graham's comments from 2251 days ago[1] about why he didn't want Hacker News to grow too big.

"It's a combination of motives: I want there to be a site that's like Reddit used to be; I want a real application to drive the design of Arc; and it's good advertising for YC.

"All three are best satisfied by a medium-size site with good quality links and comments, so I am definitely not hoping News.YC becomes the next Digg."

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=100182

I know a Nick Bobic personally, a really smart and ambitious compsci guy from Ottawa. He is the guy mentioned in all those articles (Cryptobox, Excino, WiPlay, the Gamasutra article, etc.) listed in the other thread. I got involved in some of his endeavors, but not the main companies he did. He was two or three years ahead of me at Ottawa University. Last I chatted with him online was around 2005 (and he told me to buy AAPL, heh.)

That said, I can not personally confirm Nick Bobic is nickb, but it fits pretty well and others in that old thread seem to be sure of it.

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