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> Checked Exceptions and null.

Let's not forget about type-erasure generics. And the existence of arrays. And the fact that people still use arrays.

> Let's not forget about type-erasure generics.

Type-erasure generics are a fortuitous platform decision, because its what enables languages on the platform to have a good interop story while still having a more robust type system than Java does -- case in point, Scala, and why the .NET version died.

Exactly - checked exceptions is more of an policy / code style decision, null and NPE - roughly the same and in the end your spider sense just knows where to expect it.

But type-erasure of generics - that's the decision with which we will need to live till the end of time.

  - no multiple implementation of same generic interface
  - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2723397/java-generics-what-is-pecs
  - small performance hits..
  - casts
  - a lot more but I'm just sleepy right now.
I use and like Java, I love the backwards compatibility which it has - but there are times when crust can be removed with scalpel - and if not, you will need an jackhammer later.

I really don't have a problem with erased generics for the same reason a poster below pointed out.

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