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A lot of the things you can do with LINQ you can do in Java now there are lambdas and method references. e.g. http://benjiweber.co.uk/blog/2013/12/28/typesafe-database-in...

Properties you could simulate with lambdas now. something like Property<String> name = get(() -> name).set(name -> this.name = name);

You would lose all the existing framework support that assumes getters and setters doing that though.

Some of the generics failure will likely be fixed in 9 (Primitive specialisation). Other things are not as bad as some people think (At least generic supertype params are available at runtime)

That's an impressive proof of concept, but without expression trees it can't quite measure up (e.g. you need to remember to use `.and` instead of being able to use `&&`).

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