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Groovy isn't attempting to fix Java, it's entirely different. (And it sacrifices type safety--even what of it you get with Java--and performance to do so.)

> And it sacrifices type safety

Groovy is optionally typed, you can have as much safety as you wish.

> and performance to do so

If you use static types, you can use @CompileStatic to get most of the performance back.

Groovy's main user Grails 2.2 didn't dare bundle Groovy 2's @CompileStatic until 6 months after its release in June 2012, but didn't actually use the static compilation. Grails 2.4, still in development, is the first to actually use any of the static features of Groovy, but has this strong caution in the doco: "Care must be taken when deciding to statically compile code." http://grails.org/doc/2.4.0.M1/guide/introduction.html#whats...

Optional typing adds a ton of sand to the gears when you actually are writing code. @CompileStatic requires you to spend entirely too long thinking about what's actually legal to annotate and generally sucks rocks to read and write.

So, okay, you're technically correct, which is every nerd's favorite kind of correct, but writing it that way sucks. Groovy isn't a bad scripting language (or wouldn't be if discobot ever got done), but it's unserious as a Java competitor where Java is good.

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