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Yes. I definitely think everyone should speak the official language local country while at work. That's English for US and Mandarin Chinese if you're in China.

I think speaking different languages at work can create a us vs them atmosphere that's not good for a healthy work environment.

The US doesn't have an official local language. Some states do. For example, Hawaiian is an official language of Hawaii.

Also, several states are de facto bilingual.

And then there's South Africa, with 11 official languages.

So I don't think your views are really all that generally applicable.

Yet it is the defacto language. It is the language you need to speak if you wish to be successful (in general, of course there are outliers.) regardless, that's not really the point. It is difficult for a team to function properly if they're not speaking the same language. I know I wouldn't like it if my entire team spoke something other than English most of the time. I would feel like an outsider.

The point is the poster wrote "the official language", which is flawed logic that reveals more of the poster's lack of knowledge in how the world works than gives any meaningful advice. (The first two of the three words in that quote don't apply.)

What you describe is a different scenario. For example, one of my clients was a company in Sweden. Almost no Swedes were in the team. The de facto language for the team was English, even though Sweden's official language is Swedish. The poster's logic would insist that everyone speak Swedish (or one of Sweden's minority languages), even though everyone knew English. While you would say that's fine.

I've also worked for an Austrian company where nearly everyone spoke German most of the time. (Not all of the time; unlike the main thread, I did have chit-chat and work-related conversations. But coffee breaks and lunch were mostly in German.) Okay, I was the outsider. I'm also the outsider when people talk about bands, movies, and sports, since I know so very little about those topics compared to most. That's life?

Agreed, grandfather was wrong to say "official language" (not really "flawed logic", just wrong.) It's just being pedantic though; I knew what he was getting at.

The defacto common language of India is actually English, however.

> I definitely think everyone should speak the official language local country while at work.

What about an American company in China? There is a good reason why English is the business language in our office; also, many foreign employees don't speak Chinese but do speak English even though its not their first language. If you want to be international, I think English is pretty mandatory.

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