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jdk8 completely breaks the entire value we get out of using joda-time, namely, that instants are unambiguous. It actually recommends using time and date without time zone.

It doesnt recommends using time and date without time zone, it recommends using the right class for the right job. And sometimes the right class doesnt include a timezone

Suppose you have a webpage asking users for their birth date. What data type do you store that value in? Hint: You aren't going to prompt the user for the time zone they were born in.

Could you elaborate on this? I thought that JSR-310 and Jodatime were supposed to be nearly identical. Why would they introduce such a regression?

They thought they could improve on Joda Time while at it. It's java.util.logging all over again (sadly).

They in this case happens to be the original author of Joda Time.

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