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These talks have changed the way I think in the last year:

"The Shift: UX Designers as Business Consultants" Davide Casali-Interaction14 http://vimeo.com/86495316

Fred George - Programmer Anarchy http://vimeo.com/43690647

Ian Cooper: TDD, where did it all go wrong. http://vimeo.com/68375232 (All my objections to TDD expressed far more fluently than I could).

Not technical related but... The key to becoming a super-profitable creative agency http://vimeo.com/70026678 (though still working out how to apply it)

I have a large "To Watch" list kept in open browser tabs - someone must have built an app to better manage them? So I can say "All the videos on http://www.microconf.com/videos-2013.html" and have it add them to my watchlist.

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