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Doge2048 (doge2048.com)
238 points by subbz on March 17, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 55 comments

My confusion as to which doge represents which number is offset by my drive to get to the next tier and see what doge will come next.

The text is wrong for doge-speak.

"So hot right now" is some Paris Hilton catchphrase, and way too grammatical.

Your intensifier words fit too appropriately to their objects:

"Such matching" should be "Many matching"

"So good" is correct English. "Much good" would be better doge-ese.

Anyway, see here: http://the-toast.net/2014/02/06/linguist-explains-grammar-do...

This is the funniest one yet. I thought it would be terrible and that by combining in Doge that it would sully the whole thing and be the straw that broke the camel's back. But really, it adds something to the game that wasn't there.

There's a new sense of whimsy that wasn't there in the original, and the messages when combining Doges adds a sense of accomplishment.

I wish the messages would stay longer, they go by too quick to read.

If any site needs a dogecoin donation address...

Exactly my thoughts when I first saw it. And I would donate dogecoins too ;)

This is a HN meme paired with a comedic reddit meme. We should be aware that it is this kind of content (+1 funny) that degraded /. and defines reddit. HN has not been and, I believe, should not be the place for this.

A little bit of humour is good. The problem is that if a little bit of humour is tolerated, it becomes more acceptable to submit and upvote, so a little bit of humour turns into a lot of humour. This could start to significantly displace "real" content. I would expect PG to step in well before this becomes a problem, so I have no qualms upvoting things like this on rare occasions.

I think it's too late. Ideally I would take your comment seriously and reply intelligently but all I can do now is laugh at the cute doge. we're all doomed. Also I think the psychedelic colors are ruining my brain.

With the front page littered with posts not even about technology or startups, you're really going to play that card on this submission? Really?

The fact that 2048 is open source lends itself to forks of all kinds of flavours. Including, God forbid, funny ones.

Get over yourself and get a sense of humor.

For those of you wondering, it's still as addictive as ever. Save yourselves now.

This is much, much funnier than I expected it. My wife and I really enjoyed this version, and I don't do any worse than the version with numbers.

I cannot for the life of me figure out which Doge is which in tier.

Reverse order, meaning 2048 is at the top.


Now we just need to switch those images with numbers, and we are golden.

Does it matter, they're all great.

Wow Such game So 2048

    Too addictive     Wow
U rock m8 Such CSS

       Much HN

I was on the wroc_love.rb conference this weekend and either people were playing 2048 on their notebooks or hacking on it - with other board layouts, other numbers or similar mods.

Such fun. Very success.

I did better than I usually do. At first I thought the lack of a sense of what the numbers were would be a hinderance, but it seems to have helped this time (sample size n=1).

n=2. I found the same thing :)

I have no idea how much I scored when the game is over. I only got to to see the dog with sunglasses.

Is it easier than the regular 2048? Seems that just pressing the directional arrows in a simple pattern[0] will keep the game going for a long while. At least that was my experience.

[0]Up, left, down, right.

I have not laughed out loud at a HN post in quite a while. Thank you for that. When I scored the first time and it a said "such player", I laughed quite loudly in my quiet office.

I'm a 31yr old with a decade younger sister who introduced me to doge and I'm embarrassed to say that I did better in this version than in the ones with numbers. Much sadness

one of the best things i've ever seen on hn.

So win. http://imgur.com/assEhUn

Funny, unlike the original version there is a Civ-like 'keep going' button.

I'll probably get downvoted, but I hate this stupid meme.

So brave.

Much brave.

Very hero.


This is hilarious! I think I might actually be doing better than the numbered version. Great creative work!

Managed a 4096 piece (more than I've done on normal 2048). Unfortunately, the 4096 background is the same as 1024 (derp).

Here is a picture of my layout before it collapsed into a 4096: http://i.imgur.com/SnmhESY.jpg

Such timesink.

So lost hours. Many unproductive.

I enjoyed this one more than the numbers and I did much better, 5396 and doge with sun glasses.

Help its stangely addictive. ( Well done.)

I really hope there are no subliminal messages embedded in the .gifs.

This is brilliant, although I do find myself wishing for a key for which image is which...

Dammit I almost got this game out of my system....then you have to do this...

I just get pink blocks on my phone :(

Edit: tried again, seems to be working now, neat! Nexus 5, chrome if it helps at all.

I'm horrified that I'm actually getting good at these. Victory with 20120 points.

12440, is that good?

AFAICT, the "derp" dog means you won, aka reached 2048. With a score that high, you probably had a derp, although you may not have. My personal best is over 53000 on the conventional game, well past 4096. I highly recommend not letting yourself get sucked in any deeper, though. With a score of 12440 you probably have a solid strategy, so it's probably more luck that lets me get as high as I did.

In the standard game, 20000+ is roughly when you've won (got a 2048).

I got a derp on this game at 9000. So derp (the top of the table), must mean "1024". In which case I take back my comment. It's possible to reach 1024 with a strategy only slightly little better than random shuffling.

Has anybody combined two derps to see what happens when the list & images run out?

Enjoyed it, but man does it make the laptop run hot.

the key to win is try never press up... just it... i have reached 2048 a lot of times in this way

That's the strategy I use all the time but never won a single game (out of 10).

Love it

so balance. much points.

We need a version with tiny sharks being jumped.

Shut up and take my up-vote.

Wow much rip-off, such blatant, very copy, extreme fun still.

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