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I'm curious how an army of people from military and civil aviation organisations, including radar operators, Satellite Image analysis, air accident investigators, air traffic control and pilots, have been helpful in finding the plane in any way.

This is an unusual situation, and none of the facts seem to make any sense. Who care's who is trying to make sense of what happened? If I was one of those passengers, I wouldn't be on the other end thinking "You know, I hope no one on the internet tries to figure out where I am".

You don't have to be curious. They are using data and have sent crews out looking for the plane. They have experts in their field coordinating the search. People who have expertise in radar, Satellite Image analysis, air accident investigations, air traffic control and actual ability to fly a plane.

I was merely commenting that it's funny how there is one story that MH370 may have snuck under radar by shadowing another 777, and this article says there was a fire. Perhaps the fire caused the crew to shadow the 777? Or maybe the 777 caused the cabin fire?

I am, of course, being facetious. But when they do eventually find MH370, it's unlikely it would have been because of speculation on the Internet.

And yet they're doing a completely awful job of it.

They spent a week searching the wrong ocean for the plane. They had the thing on radar showing definitively that it was nowhere near the initial search area. They had satellite data showing it continued flying for hours after the supposed last contact.

I imagine the experts are not to blame here. But whoever is managing them is doing a terrible job of it.

Yeah, this amateur speculation is not useful. But at least it's not actively harmful. How much time and money was wasted searching the Gulf of Thailand before these clowns finally admitted that it was evident the plane wasn't anywhere near there? How much time was lost that could have been used to search places where the plane might actually be?

Decrying amateur speculation on the internet is silly. People are going to waste time regardless. Would you rather they do mental exercises or just look at cat memes? If you want to get upset at somebody related to MH370, there are far better targets.

I'm not decrying it. Point me to where I decried it, because you are reading into what I've said things I did not say.

Right, because this surely wasn't meant as criticism:

"MH370 might have entered into a blackhole and come back as a dove.

"What's with all this speculation?!?"

I love the internet tactic of making obvious insults that aren't 100% literal, then turning around and saying "I never said that, prove that I said that." It's hilarious.

But this whole thread is about speculating on the disappearance of the plane. For you to come here and say that is like Dad telling everybody that it's late and time for bed. Total party pooper.

Nothing may get solved, but it helps us to try to make some sense for ourselves out of the incongruous facts and help us alleviate our own cognitive discomfort with the situation.

Where did I say that? I don't recall saying that. I asked why there was so much speculation. I didn't necessarily say that it was an awful thing.

Stop reading into what I said. You're getting it wrong.

Oh, so now you're going to pretend that there's no such thing as tone or context, eh?

Anyway, I answered you as to why there was so much speculation. You're welcome.

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