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Wow. I've always wondered: Is this kind of empty, buzzwordy writing effective? Does it sell?

So many companies write this way. I could believe they do so only because their staff never learned how to write good sales copy. Or is there some actual merit to it? Do they know something I don't--namely, that buzzwords sell?

I think it's a joke, just based on the obvious word reuse:

> We are an innovation focused services firm with 100% focus in the emerging technologies. This razor sharp focus has allowed us to differentiate from our competitors in many different ways:

Maybe. Though the page, taken in the context of the overall site, doesn't scream satire. I'd be disinclined to put a joke page on my consultancy's website, but if I did, I'd be sure to make the joke 110% clear. So my suspicion is that the word reuse is just the writer's habit, not evidence of a joke. (Many writers have such habits, especially amongst those of us who aren't writers by trade.)

I've actually had some personal interaction with this company, and I'm pretty sure that the writing style is not satire and not a joke. It's the way somebody actually writes.

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