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Show HN: A website to pitch your new startup ideas (gopitch.me)
24 points by detcherry on Mar 10, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 40 comments

Thumbs down for the twitter login.

Recent ideas should be more prominent. Probably show the latest ten on the main page, then a link for more.

Plus a huge (red) button to pitch a new idea in the front page.

I didn't terribly mind having to use Twitter for signup.

As soon as you asked for my email AS WELL, I could no longer be bothered to click through - the only value of 3rd-party login is not having to give you my email address.

Why does a website need to do this?

    Read Tweets from your timeline.
    See who you follow, and follow new people.
    Update your profile.
    Post Tweets for you.
I just want to view and list projects.

I have no idea why this is required. Why add friction to posting? Email + password + confirm password seems like the best idea, with Twitter as a separate option.

I like the Twitter login. Just a data point.

I have a couple of thoughts.

1. I don't have a twitter account.

2. I found it strange that the landing page didn't have any pitched ideas. To see an idea, I had to read the bottom text, and click on one of the countries. I didn't know those were links at first either.

3. Can ppl only pitch the title of their idea? Is there a description or something.

1. That's unfortunate. I will probably make the pitches accessible to not-logged in visitors in a near future.

2. You can access the ideas list here: http://www.gopitch.me/ideas/all

3. You can see a pitch here: http://www.gopitch.me/idea/4769741570834432

I also don't have a twitter account, and therefore can't post my ideas.

I don't mean to alarm you, but I think http://medium.com stole your design.

Ahah good artists copy, great artists steal! :-) As a non-designer, I acknowledge that medium.com was a strong inspiration for my website

Alas for all those twitter permissions it needs. Does it really need to read my tweets and post tweets for me? No thanks.

I ask for the Twitter connect just to make tweeting from the app easier. Tweets are like this one: https://twitter.com/spolu/status/443117201621413888 Nothing spammy.

I believe you. But I had the same reaction as mkaziz. And was about to comment on this.

So I think the takeaway is that people are turned off by this - and you can convince people on HN that you won't abuse it. But not everywhere.

And, with a million products attempting to take my time - anything that makes me hesitate (like that I have to allow you to "update my profile") is enough to turn me off.

Ok then why not just ask to post tweets on my behalf? why ask for Update your profile., Read my tweets, etc. Not letting any unknown app update my profile. Sorry.

@lbr @palakchokshi

That's right. I totally understand. The thing is... Twitter permissions aren't very precise.

I just wanted to ask for the permission to write tweets from my app, not to edit your profile. But they don't allow you to do that...

Anyway thanks for the feedback!

I thought it might be something like that. Twitter needs to fix this or developers like you will be facing the consequences of their actions. Facebook's permissions are much more granular.

Interesting... Yeah, that is pretty consistent across other platforms too. Has it always been like this? I hadn't noticed this until recently.

Web intents. You can prepopulate a message but the user has to click 'Tweet'. No need to ask for permissions.

More specifically, he means using this button: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/tweet-button

Adding another "me too" to this. Opened the link, so all the Twitter permissions, thought for two seconds, then closed it.

I've been playing with a similar idea - http://appworthy.co

One thing I've done on my site is abandon passwords. Authentication is by email (if you can receive a link you can "sign in" once with it - thereafter cookies).

This avoids the need to ask for permission (to tweet for me? really?) up front. Users can start reading and posting without giving up anything but their email.

This is not a new idea, but I think it works well to minimise barriers for potential contributors.

Congrats for appworthy. I didn't know about it.

Your auth is pretty clever to minimize the barrier to entry.

Yet, I thought Twitter could be an interesting channel for my app and decided to build my website on top of it.

My 2 cents: I've thought about doing this exact thing before...then I realized it's like giving other people free ideas. Isn't this just the perfect place for others to steal your stuff? What're you gonna do if that happens? I would never post a good idea publicly, just asking for competition you probably can't afford to have.

This point has been discussed into the ground before, but in general, ideas mean nothing. I've had many million dollar ideas: I know because I've seen them in the marketplace. No execution, no value. Also, most people aren't the precious little butterfly they think they are: someone has had their idea before.

Seriously, why would any one sign in without even knowing what it would contain. Put some samples atleast.

You can view examples by clicking the links at the bottom of the page like here: http://www.gopitch.me/ideas/all

I didn't realize that "France", "USA", and "anywhere else" were links until you mentioned so right here. You should make these links distinctive from the rest of the text without the need of having to hover over them so that they are more obvious.

I also hadn't realized that this was possible.

Again, there are reasons for the things you are doing - I understand this. And there are ways to get around your block - but take the feedback.

If one person says it here, it means that dozens had the same reaction and just decided not to voice it.

Can you tell me where and how did you host your site?

I really want to host one but cannot find any cheap way

Basically: Google App Engine

Well too invasive. i have registered either way but yet to see the upside.

quit the twitter login.

Agreed. I don't have Twitter nor Facebook. Stop making those the only way to log in.

sounds a heck of a lot like LaunchSky.com :)

Nice! I had never heard of this website... Indeed, very similar!

Cool sites - I like this idea of sharing concepts and getting feedbacks. One other larger one is producthunt.co. I'd be curious to see a full list if you happen to do some more competitive research!

This is why I don't like posting my product ideas publicly for anyone who searches keywords. If I give away all the details of my implementation, I could be helping someone else who is doing "competitor research." If I don't give the details, then my idea sounds incomplete or just like everyone else's idea in that space. No matter how many articles I read on HN that ideas are worthless, I still feel reluctant posting my best ideas on a site like that.

But I have a solution. It's called Indie Developer Club (see my profile for link). All the meetings are small with less than 10 people. You can show off a pre-release demo or talk about the specifics of your project, but you aren't posting it for the world to see. So you get some feedback but you don't have to worry about a competitor Googling you.

There are many sites like this, here's a list I started: http://appworthy.co/alternatives

Thanks for the link!

Thanks for your feedback and for the link. Nice website!

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