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Any personal recommendations out of all those?

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS) gets updated all the time, sometimes drastically, so in my books it's still a "fresh" (and very good) game: http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/

Try POWDER. It's inspired by Crawl, but has enough ideas of its own. In particular it makes Crawl's weapon and god systems look pathetic. And the writing is spectacular.

When I type "powder" into Google I get random games, not sure which one you are referring to. Could you give an URL?

The only rougelike "POWDER" I'm aware of is:


It's listen along with "a few others" at eg:


Teleglitch, although not as random as other games it's a fine survival horror/exploratory game; and very atmospheric. However it turns pretty fast in a grind game, because no matter how far you reach you incur a high penalty starting the games from later levels. As such you always start from the first level, and after a dozen deaths, that ruins the game (for me at least). Also I've never finished the game, nor do I think I will; but it was a good experience for its price.

Rogue Legacy, as with Teleglitch; tempting at first, but even more so it turns out into a grind dungeons for money type of experience. My take on it.

Tower of Guns, while I haven't had the chance to play this game (since it runs only on Windows), I loved what I saw from the gameplay reviewers. Check out Northernlion's video on it.

Starting from level3 or 5 is gives you all you need, really. I even had more gear when starting from "5" savegame than when playing normally from 1.

If you really want to have a ton of loot, start in original level3, go to the secret boss fight (doesn't always spawn), and spend a few minutes thinking what to leave behind.

I'm disappointed Random Starting Gear is crap. Most weapons are strictly worse than their equivalents using the same ammo. It quickly degenerates into a knife run, because you have no starting pistol until you find a "second" one in level3. The exceptions are sspoon (higher damage per round, perfect accuracy) and fat john (very accurate shotgun with better penetration). These are the tradeoffs you might tolerate into the endgame... although mg3200-drm has a big, undocumented accuracy boost.

Nailguns are questionable even when used optimally.

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