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One of the best CS classes I took in college was an introduction to scheme that used 'The Little Schemer' as its text book. Having only worked in imperative languages it really opened my head up!

The MIT course on youtube from the 80s using SCIP and Scheme was the single best time investment I've made since learning programming. It still blows my mind how much it changed my perspective on programming.

From the 80's? You have a link to which one you mean?

6.001 on MIT open courseware Its the lectures for SICP tho not 2nd version but doesn't matter

I just read the chapter about fixed point combinator (aka Y). It's great, not only for kids.

I tried reading the book a few years ago, I remember being irritated by the QA style it uses and dumping it because of it. On my second attempt I realized that it's only irritating if you know the answers very well and skipped to the chapter I didn't have so much confidence in understanding. And it was very pleasant experience, especially when I stopped to think a little before reading the answers. It felt like I was having fun.

So I'd advise to give a book a go, even if you are confident in your Scheme and FP skills. Just skip the parts which seem too obvious to you and get to the interesting stuff, you won't be disappointed.

Now it's time for The Seasoned Schemer, I guess :)

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