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I didn't use many libraries. It's pretty straightforward to interface with C code, so instead of writing a whole OpenGL wrapper, I just call into some C code to handle the rendering.

It was somewhat tricky to get it all setup, but I followed in the footsteps of James Long (http://jlongster.com/s/jlongster-old/pages/blog/write-apps-i...) and a few others.

I hope to contribute back what I learned and make it easier for others to use it for games in the future. It's seriously a great language for game writing.

I agree. I would love to someday be able to build on mobile using games. It would be amazing if you could share a writeup or maybe a hello world starter template on running Gambit on iOS or android. This seems like a lovely project. Congratulations and good luck.

Would love to see it! I ran across Long's page some time ago, but unfortunately it's way out of date.

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