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I love the writing, I love the anecdote, and I love the self-awareness it shows.

Almost just as much, I love the comments here - they're just so incorrigibly HN. Not everything is a problem that should be taken literally, dissected, and solved. The story is not the author asking for help with enjoying parties, relating to others, or troubleshooting bugs. It's a beautiful example of an internal monologue that shows not only how people approach social situations differently, but to what extent they think differently. I'm not sure the author needs any of the pseudo-analysis being offered to him (however well-meaning it is) - the writing suggests a lot more awareness of his perspective and that of the people around him than most of the comments rushing in with the most literal interpretation.

Either way, great piece of writing that seems to hold a mirror up to the reader more than anything - it clearly strikes a chord but each reader appears to be taking away something different.

Exactly this. This situation has nothing to do with hackers or programming or even work of any kind. It's just about certain people who think differently when in certain situations and that leads people to label them "introverts" when in fact it's just that you can say their mental faculties lie elsewhere.

self-awareness is not usually an attribute introverts lack, fortunately or not :-)

Actually I think it's quite common for people to mistake mere introspection with actual self-awareness. It is much harder to see your true self than to see a self you have constructed to see as your self.

Interesting that you're using phrase "see your true self" to mean "see yourself as others see you."

I'm not. That is yet a third perspective (which is not to say there are only three!) in addition to what I'm calling "true" self, and the self that you choose to see when you look. Obviously, it's hard to define "true self" in some objective way, but it's not hard for people to be both introspective and un-self-aware.

This comment is wonderful...

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