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I'll throw my hat in the ring. I started an eCommerce enterprise SaaS focused business in high school as a hobby, sold it for $4M at age 21, bought it back for $32k, built it again into a $6M/year revenue (profitable) business, and sold it again in 2012 to Answers.com. All of this was 100% bootstrapped with revenue, no debt, no outside funding. In neither case, round one or round two, did I self-fund it, other than the $32k -- the revenues from the business funded the business, it wasn't me funding anything. Sure, it was a long slog, but worth it.

I really admire that... props to your success and track record, thanks for chiming in. If I was an investor, sounds like you would make a good bet and someone to keep an eye on.

Starting out, the best way to learn entrepreneurship IMO is to just do it and build it organically like you did.

what kind of business specifically was it if you don't mind me asking? Are there still low hanging fruit like that around?

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