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Completely agree here. I had the option to join a startup or go with an established web company this past year when I graduated and I chose the more established company. The reason I did this was because I wanted to learn what was tools and technologies were being used and how they were being implemented by established web companies today and build upon that knowledge. Obviously the larger company has done something right in order to get to where they are. Plus, there is a level of stability. Bigger companies also tend to be able to help international students better and provide a little more financial security to someone who may have college loans. I have learned so much this past year at my job and will carry that knowledge when I do start or join a startup.

I also feel the same in regards to working for a startup when you're not a founder or a very early employee. It is completely true you likely will be making your bosses rich and not as much yourself, unless you're like an absolute rockstar their equity is still going to be at least 20-50x more than you (this is just a rough guess). If you think you can do it on your own, might as well.

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