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I am searching from a long time for some (free) app with the following features

-can grab music from multiple sources (local, youtube, etc)

-i can vote for each track (up/down/rating)

-based on my votes it will guess my favorites (with some entropy so sometime will try to show me new kind of music)

Is there such a music player?

This idea keeps coming up and I believe mopidy is perfect for building such a system (of course I am biased as one of the main contributors).

The way to go about building this with mopidy is essentially one of the following:

- Create the voting system based on the MPD protocol to talk to mopidy

- Create the voting system using our JSON-RPC websocket access to the core APIs.

- Create a frontend in python with full access to the core APIs.

Each of these of course have it's advantages and disadvantages. But to me one of our main strengths is the architecture we've designed over time and how people can use mopidy almost like a framework for exposing the media server in a novel way.

First part here https://github.com/dz0ny/mopidy-youtube. You can also search all providers at once as you can see in this screenshot http://drp.io/ge6z.

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