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You found more information than me.

Tried to "read terms of service" > redirected to the main page.

Whois returned "not found"

dig returned a GoDaddy dns proxy.

Two Emails sent to me by them. The first a email confirmation. Zidisha, Inc. 21900 Muirfield Circle #302 Sterling, Virginia 20164

The second thanked me for joining their email list.

My profile page has several links like "Lend Fund", "Join a group". Not sure what to do next... Basically this meant i signed up for a mailing list

Hi iiiears, thanks for giving Zidisha a try and for this feedback. I'm so sorry our website gave you a redirect when you tried to view our terms of service. Would you mind letting me know which browser you are using so that we can try to replicate and fix the bug?

We'll try to make the next steps after creating a new lender account clearer. If you would like to make a loan, you can do this via the "Lend" page.

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