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> POROs are great, though. Our app/models is full of them. We even added app/services too. The trouble I have is with people who, like you, fall in love with the flawed notion that their application is such a special snowflake that it deserves "advanced techniques".

The main difference I see between the Rails philosophy and most of these "Use SRP and Interactors and things!" blog posts are that Rails is way more interested in using the correct tool for the job, and most of these blog posts are of the "use this for everything and every one!" variety.

I have one project right now that I decided I wanted a Command for one action. I'm accepting input from a webhook that I can perform asynchronously, it interacts with like 5 different models, and I wanted to beat up on the tests pretty thoroughly. So I did that.

Elsewhere I'm using concerns to make like 4 different models easily sortable.

And other places I'm using Module#concerning to keep models organized.

ONE TRUE WAY is overrated. I'd rather use whatever works given the context.

"ONE TRUE WAY is overrated. I'd rather use whatever works given the context." That's it.

This. This. This.

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