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Presumably to avoid liability issues associated with representing the loans as investments, particularly relieving themselves of any obligation to chase missed repayments on behalf of creditors.

In some respects, having the up-front option to to waive any right to withdraw repaid loans might be better for people who actually have no intention of doing anything with repayments other than loan them to other Africans, assuming charitable donations whose use and re-use you're continually able to influence can still be legally tax deductible.

Hi notahacker, a few of our lenders have requested non-withdrawable accounts. The idea is that the full amount credited to these accounts would be tax-deductible, and lenders would retain control of how the funds were lent out. Informal consultations among our lenders did not reveal strong enough demand to justify the cost (mainly in additional complexity for newcomers to our platform to take in), so we refrained from introducing this option for now.

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