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I just found out that my uncle, whom I thought very successful, failed to fulfill his responsibilities to his backers. He was working on a 3d printer that I was hoping to get to buy some day, but he never delivered more than a few of them (most of which didn't even work) and now his backers are trying to get together to sue him. A few days ago he filed for bankruptcy so they probably won't get anything.

As much as I love the idea of kickstarter, I have now seen first hand how you can be cheated and just can't trust the system to work (although many have and it has worked for them). After the disappointment of Minecraft when Notch started making a ton of money I have simply stayed away from all crowd sourcing/buy-and-play-during-alpha projects for good. There is nothing wrong with simply waiting until something is finished to buy it.

What happened with Minecraft?

Notch was very free with his ideas. He'd often just propose them on Twitter. Sometimes he'd say that a certain feature would be in but later drop it because he thought it wouldn't be good. Also, the game has had a huge community since when it was relatively young and it has evolved in a specific direction (meaning people who started when it was new but expected a different end result were displeased). Notch also seems to have become somewhat bored with the game.

These things combined make some people upset with Notch. Apart from this, nothing really happened with Minecraft. It continues to be a highly successful game and frequently gets new features.

Nothing to be done about it, really. You can't please everyone.

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