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I would argue that both the Rails community and fitness industry may operate that way, but for good reasons. Any time you have an ongoing an significant influx of beginners, looking to hit the ground running, bad practices will be everywhere. A handful of established "bibles" or textbooks aren't going to be enough to get the message out to the masses. It may not be appealing to those already "in the know", but good practice messages need to be repeated and communicated in new ways. You also see the same dynamic at the gym, of the experienced gym-rat lamenting the things that personal trainers get paid to teach newbies.

In that same vein, this may be a repeat message of a concept that is not novel, but as an experienced non-web developer who is fairly new to Rails, I learned something from reading this.

I also appreciate you pointing out what sounds like a good development resource (Domain Driven Design).

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