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Interactors, domain objects, service objects, etc. are still models; people just don't generally believe that their models are allowed to inherit from things other than ActiveRecord::Base.

They're not models, they're Objects. A model is an object but all objects are not models. The difference is what sort of role they play in your app.

A Service Object work, could just echo hello world every 15 seconds and still be called a Service Object, while a model in your application doing the same thing can no longer be called a Model.

I keep looking at interactors and thinking "I'd make this a command object and then hide it in the model" - so I'd be doing something like (inside the 'member' class)

    method confirm_grouper () {
      MyApp::Action::ConfirmGrouper->new(leader => $self)
and then the controller would simply do -

    my $result = $member->confirm_grouper;

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